The Lace Dowry Is Indispensable In 40 Different Models
hi everyone welcome so glad to see you here my mom Joanne couldn’t attend today because she’s coming back from her trip she went to take care of her sister so I’m here and I’m gonna wait a couple of minutes for everyone to get their notifications and come in and all of that and in the meantime I’m gonna show you what I what I’ve been up to would be sighs knitting I’m not sure he’s still knitting the the cardigan that I posted a while back intended to be for the knit along but I don’t think there’s enough interest for the needle on that anyways here is what I’ve been up to I’ve been actually weaving I did this a while ago this is one of my first ones but I’ve been working on small weaving with little loop tools like this and speaking of looms high Tooth Fairy thank you for being here so speaking of looming – also of looms this is one of my favorites lately this is called the loom tool and this is really cool and very handy because you can make so many types of projects with this you can make pom-poms and bracelets and small weavings I’m actually being in touch with this aleni but I’m sorry will SME the author of this book and with in talking about collaborations so we’re gonna be working with them but is really cool because you can make bracelets tassels pom-poms small weaving necklaces all kinds of really cool stuff and I’m gonna be working with her collaborating with her on different ideas so this is the loom tool you should check it out I’m actually I have link ready here for you so that’s what I’ve been up to be sighs knitting yeah bear with me because I’m posting the links to high LPE Musa Moses here oh you are Musa Musa hi oh you changed your name Oh Musa that’s cool it’s nice to have you here thank you for all for being here so I see that some people are coming online yes welcome hi sunrise look at this beautiful yarn my mom got it for me at Hobby Lobby it’s super thick actually it’s about this thick and it’s so cool because you can fail whether you can knit with it you can do a lot of stuff um anyways okay hi so let’s talk about lace knitting okay so if you’re not aware we have a whole playlist of knitting stitches and it’s quite extensive I’m gonna paste it here on the chat here you go and I put it I’ll put it on the resources on the description below the video so you can access it if you’re not at the libraries so that’s the whole playlist of everything ladies we’ve made I don’t think we’re missing anything but of course we started back in 2011 and back then we didn’t have many playlists etc etc hi Jeanie happy – oh today’s Wednesday yeah it’s still when that I know cuz you know because I broadcasts are on Wednesday so there’s the playlist of all the lace stitches we have and some of the projects we have – and I’m also gonna give you I posted this list on our community tab but here you go I hope it pastes I’m gonna paste linked to links at a time because it doesn’t let me paste too many we have the vertical wave scarf and the triangle crochet scarf here you go I hope you can see it okay see two at a time only so it’s Thursday in New Zealand that’s true yeah I should ask first where people are from so I don’t make any assumptions and we have the four shoelace infinity scarves and the knitted lace shrug sleeves these two are actually quite popular in different social networks there you go those are two other projects that you might enjoy oh it only lets me post two hundred characters at a time so there’s a horseshoe lays infinity scarf and here are these are beautiful the knitted shrug sleeps and you can you can make it with any kind of lace so there’s more projects and I’m gonna take a little break before I post the other ones so you have my chance to catch up with that high shine from Holland yeah I went to Amsterdam yes last year so anyhoo I wanted to check in with you so my mom and I have been talking about having live broadcast only twice a week but she didn’t like the idea I thought well maybe that way people can see our schedule and prepare their questions ahead of time and and bring them in and we have more people here on the chat and I don’t know what I was thinking I was just trying to test some ideas but she she likes she likes having a weekly podcast she likes talking to you guys more often and I like chatting with you guys more but I do think that we’re gonna have starting we’re gonna start happy start having broadcast once a month that are really focused on a very specific subject like knitting mistakes or knitting tips or different things like that there are like important questions that we often get on the the comments and via email and social networks and all of that so we might still have the weekly broadcast but maybe one of them will be like you know a biggie so that’s the idea because Tooth Fairy was asking me about that and I’m like well let me see let’s talk about it so I want to get your input on that I was also taking a survey on the community tab here on YouTube about like people who come in to the library and only about half of the people have been to the live broadcast which is pretty cool I must say is pretty cool hi Anne why are you guys talking on Holland greets you hi Colin will you stop posted tutorials and post tutorials we were always gonna bring you video tutorials we’re not gonna stop that and that’s why that’s one of the reasons we decided to stuck with a membership the membership program here is not completely developed I think there’s there’s a lot of confusion about how to navigate like the areas to get to the content and I was seeing that because we were bringing you really awesome content on the memberships like how to design a sweater how to design stuff how to design a beanie hat and all kinds of really cool stuff and we were not getting a lot of interaction there and I think it’s because it you know it’s hard to navigate the area where to find the content I think that YouTube is still working on getting that refined so we’re gonna wait on that we’re not gonna be offering content on the memberships the ones the people who are members currently are members because they’re wanting to support us and help us out in like becoming and growing as a business and we’re very very grateful for that but we’re gonna hold off on the content [Music] thank you thank you so okay I’m gonna keep posting so I’m gonna post the fishtail lace hand warmers which are these I’m glad I had my coffee today can you tell and this is the Victorian edge shawl and the diamond lace scarf that we posted not too long ago I think about a month ago or even less those are three other lace knitting projects that I really recommend um what my favorite lace stitch you probably might have a guest or could guess is the overlapping waves and this is the shawl we made with that my mom has a red one and I knitted this one we have this pattern available inside our store if you wanna check it out this is the lace shawl it’s a triangle like isosceles or an even triangle shell so and then the store is here in case you wanna go check it out so thank you I love it I isn’t it’s been hot here but I take it to the movies and different places where I know it’s gonna be cold any questions I haven’t I feel like I don’t haven’t given you time to ask questions about lace patterns so this is your time to ask anything about lace and I’ll turn my best to answer it because you know I can’t say I’m still a beginner I’m getting better I’m getting better but I’m here to talk to you guys what else I was I have a list here we talked about the playlist if you missed the playlist up did I cut it well we have the whole playlist I posted it at the beginning here here it is no the playlist is right here so go check out the playlist because that’s where all the links to all the lace stitches are so yeah that’s it I feel I feel like I grease through it my mama like she’s so nice and takes her time and I’m like Oh caffeinated and blah blah blah sheesh I always feel like this when I’m doing a live broadcast I feel so good I don’t see any question you guys so that’s it hmm are you guys having fall see some weather already we’re not which is getting rain and hot weather but I’m in Mexico and no it’s not always hot here no it’s not always hot I would say sometimes the temperatures kind of similar to well maybe huh but I was going to say Seattle tooth fairy has fall in Sweden yes of course getting over the bad weather of the hurricane oh man Jeannie where are you are you in Florida or you getting the aftermath because my I have family in North Carolina and I think they’re gonna get hit in Wilmington I hope they don’t get hit I don’t know where I was checking the hurricane for the last today but today I haven’t had a chance to check on it yeah you know guys speaking of the hurricane it’s kind of weird it’s a meant that the hurricane stalled for like a whole day and a half over the same area I don’t know you’re in Florida yeah it’s the baddest it was predicted or is chemist’s lowing down yeah that’s kind of scary we don’t get many hurricanes on the Pacific where I met I mean if you’re not Mexico I’m near the port over yet that area I’m in Guadalajara so it’s much more inland but I have family but yet there that was such um could play some golf yeah my brother was saying some political comments about that I refrain from talking about politics and religion yeah so I hope you take care may you please consider posting a full tutorial on for a jacket from A to Z so that we can follow and know all the details yeah I think we do meet like a basic cardigan full tutorial I think we do need that and we’ve been thinking about it but it’s it’s very complicated let me explain to you why there’s only my mom and I and it takes us a long time too it takes me decades a long time to knit something like that and it’s you know the time it will take her to knit a sweater she could have made six video tutorials you know so yeah we need we do need it but we also need to be mindful of all the other content that we can bring you but I think it’s on the list it’s definitely on the list what new tutorials can we look forward to my mom is currently traveling but I have some very interesting stitches that I’ve sent her from like Pinterest inspiration but I don’t think we have anything on the works right now like project wise I was thinking of making some leg warmers and definitely baby stuff we need to work on baby studly because we’re getting a lot of requests for baby stuff so baby stuff and let me see here I have notes about this oh well I need to let you know about that but I enjoins what to do we need to work more on round knitting stuff and we’re gonna be offering some online courses because we’ve been getting requests about that like complete basics class online and things like that oh I’ll show my cardigan but first I’m gonna show you the stuff that my mom has made over the last couple years this is a beanie she made for my son but it’s kind of big so I wear it hmm she this is the classic beanie tutorial we have from like 2012 or something these are the this is the Trinity stitch hat we did with for Nick great in the in the image it’s so much bigger on her and one me is like fitted sin that cute and I’m a beast you probably seen them or maybe not hi these are the drop stitch fingerless gloves and they cute I have a tutorial on the blog about these another this is the hand which means this can remember which one it is it’s a ribbing Vinny I can remember this is the accordion scarf and hat look how cute I love this yarn so beautiful and this is the embossed Diamonds scarf I think it’s I would like it to be a little bigger but look how pretty that lovely cozy yes this is the hidden pocket scarf for traveling all of the videos you can find on our channel just look on the search bar for those terms this is the travel scarf hidden pocket scarf look some is cool even some of this awesome and this is the double sided knitted scarf look I have made a mistake there this is a double size scratch and this is the ponytail see because it has a hole here this is the this is the ponytail beanie and another accordion scarf and oh she made this sweater for my son I think it’s still gonna fit cute the pullover sweater I think we offered this on the membership and that’s it and let me show you the cardigan Coleman I wasn’t planning to to show it so I only have the back done so far okay sorry about my studio guys I we moved here and everything was it there was so much stuff that was unfinished and this is one of the places so this is the back oh my sweater my cardigan is the first time we make us winner so there it is hmm that’s the back it’s actually pretty nice I love it [Music] only a couple mistakes here in there but I think it gives us some charm for being my first sweater so that’s it yeah you should make a hidden pocket scarf okay so I don’t see any questions so I’m gonna let you guys go and I’m gonna be posting the tent you know the the schedule for the live broadcast inside our Facebook page inside of the community tab here so you can get ahead and plan your questions if you want to join us and how well let you know about like special events we have for the live broadcasts so I hope you enjoyed this like this like one and please let me know email us if you have any questions here’s the email and I hope you have a nice day evening morning wherever you are thank you for being here many kisses thanks

Our models can’t wait to see you lace wedding, do you? Our dowry is indispensable, we have compiled essential lace models. Certainly, when the first question started on the dowry. The lace dowry has not been seen until now and you never own holds an important place in our culture. But sometimes we have difficulty finding the model a little more and want to get out of mediocrity. Let’s examine this lace of instances with you now. I hope you like it.

The Lace Dowry Different Model

White satin and lace models are usually the sine qua non of the team we are used to seeing, and the most used color. But the team this satin, lace yarn with a lighter model, you can manipulate the team. Tons, Tons, one way or the bench, you can use the color of the white color.

Our showcase team dowry, of course, need to be considered. Window this window will show both your model and your objects very often.

Lace to join more than one color on the model is it not good? In this way you can colorize your model lace.

Ring lace, our model also looks very stylish. Moreover, the ring is simple and practical to use.

We call our best known and popular models also to keep the dowry.

Our young girls will love this lace model. Our modern and up to date of recent years are among the most preferred example of this lace.

We’re not always white lace to handle, right, ladies? White pink lace on the model is so beautiful, isn’t it?

Beige color, of course it looks good,. You have to make with this gorgeous white lace.

Don’t forget you need to definitely powder the model that suits your team.

Another ring lace than our example. This example showcases your peace of mind with our you can use.

Our Models The Most Beautiful Lace Wedding