[19459000] How do you knit a net bag in the easiest way, welcome to our video of net bag making! [19459001] [19459000] You can shape the height as you like by playing with the numbers on straight sections. [19459001] [19459000] You can also hang this large handbag on your shoulder. [19459001] [19459000] It will also be a great beach bag with its dense mesh structure. [19459001] [19459002] [19459000] The bag is among the essential accessories for women. [19459001] [19459000] An invitation is absolutely needed when going to shopping, to work. [19459001] [19459000] It is in your hands to make bags suitable for your activity. [19459001] [19459000] You can show your difference by making bags from knitting for every environment. [19459001] [19459000] You can use this mesh bag in your daily life or in stylish environments. [19459001] [19459000] [19459003] [19459004] [19459005] [19459001] [19459000] With this mesh bag knitted with macrame technique and jute rope, you will be the most elegant in the market, market or daily life. [19459001] [19459000] You can do it right away with its easy explanation with the scheme. [19459001] [19459006] [19459000] We adhered to the net bag fashion! [19459001] [19459000] We said let’s try this fashion with a new and different thread, and we came across this candy-colored lollipop net bag! [19459001] [19459000] Let’s get started? [19459001] [19459007] [19459008] [19459000] By saying no to the bag, we all make a net bag. [19459001] [19459000] I also wanted to join this net bag stream in a different style. [19459001] [19459000] I came with a very easy to make mesh bag recipe that you can knit with the rope you want. [19459001] [19459000] Use it at the market or at the beach! [19459001] [19459000] If you want, you can knit a lot and present it to your loved ones! [19459001] [19459007] [19459008] [19459000] Yes, as of 2019, nylon bags and bags have been paid everywhere! [19459001] [19459000] The day was born for us women too! We sat together knitting a net bag. [19459001] [19459000] How nice! [19459001] [19459000] While the net bag making current has surrounded us, I came by decorating my net bag with pompom. [19459001] [19459000] You can decorate and use as you wish. [19459001] [19459007] [19459006] [19459000] With this small mesh bag knitting model that you can easily and quickly knit only with frequent needle and chain pulling technique, you can knit yourself a net bag and start using it. [19459001] [19459007] [19459009] [19459010] [19459011] [19459000] [19459001] [19459000] These bags were very popular this summer, and I tried a few different colors with little changes .. I wanted to share these with you .. [19459001 ] [19459000] I have illustrated you step by step. [19459001] [19459000] With what I wrote, you can easily make pictures if you go in a controlled way. [19459001] [19459012] [19459013] [19459000] The day has come to the net bags as bags are paid everywhere! [19459001] [19459000] How nice to knit a stylish and nature-saving mesh bag! [19459001] [19459000] So let’s say goodbye to the bags, hello to the net bags? [19459001] [19459000] If you want to knit a net bag in the easiest and fastest way, this video of net bag knitting made with thick rope is just for you! [19459001] [19459000] Let’s get started and knit a net bag every few hours, how about you? [19459001] [19459012] [19459000] As I know, since the bags will be paid since January, I share this market bag recipe for everyone to buy. [19459001] [19459000] You will love this easy and different mesh bag knitting pattern. [19459001] [19459007] [19459007] [19459009] [19459014] [19459015] [19459000] Lattice bag making has become widespread recently after news that bags will be paid. [19459001] [19459000] I will also share the construction of my net bag, which I made humblely. [19459001] [19459000] Get a tariff now for an easy and colorful model! [19459001] [19459007] [19459007] [19459007] [19459016] [19459017] [19459000] Hello, I’m here with a new shopping net recipe. [19459001] [19459000] When I saw a lot of interest in my File Bag recipe I made before, I made my second video that I promised. [19459001] [19459000] It was a solid and very light mesh. [19459001] [19459000] This stylish net is crumbly enough to fit in one palm and you can easily take it anywhere. [19459001] [19459007] [19459007] [19459007] [19459007] [19459007] [19459007] [19459007]