Oh one of my favorite things to make our baby booties they're really easy and fast which makes them perfect for beginners but they're also really cute and you can once you know different stitches and different techniques you can always practice them out on smaller projects like booties these are my crochet kimono booties and I've already made the first one just so you'd have an example of what it looks like has a different colored sole and then a band that wraps around like a kimono to make the actual top of the shoe why do you
baby booties you're only going to need a couple of things you're gonna need your only two colors a main color and a contrast color for actual booty these are worsted weight yarns and you don't want any any brand any company it doesn't matter but you're gonna want something that's soft so if it's worn by a baby it'll feel nice against their skin you're also going to need a 5 millimeter crochet hook some scissors these are just tiny little ones I happen to have and I'm a tapestry needle these
are also called yarn needles because they have an eye that's big enough for beyond to go through and the tip is blocked this particular blunt tip needle I got online and all the links everything I have are going to be in the description below so there's anything you want from here you can just click below to get it so let's get started let's start by making our band with the main color first you're going to slip knot to start leave a little bit of a tail are you Tris up not and insert your hook through it and tighten it to the hook
and now for the first row we're gonna start with chain six so one two three four five and six this is your foundation rub now I'm going to skip this first base and with a single crochet into the second space from the hook to insert your hook to the space go beneath both loops yarn over pull up a loop now you have two loops on your hook yarn over again and pull through both loops repeat this over the next four stitches to the end of the row insert your hook pull up a loop and pull through both loops this is the last one okay that's fine
we started with chain six but that first chain before you start this row is a turning chain so you should have five stitches now one two three four and five okay so start the next row or the chain one and then turn your work and warp another row of single crochet this time we're going to go underneath the actual stitches under both of these loops into the space and walk it the same way I pull up a loop yarn over and pull through both loops drop all the way down the line two three or and five be sure to count as you go so you always have the right number of
digits and you don't miss any okay I chain one and turn again I'm just to repeat that for a total of 27 rows so you did one and two I keep going for another 25 rows and then I'll meet you back here here is what the band looks like after you've worked twenty seven rows these are all just single crochet and I've only worked five to just freed row on this last road is the 27th row I left the last stitch on or so I can show you how I change colors so you start the stitch off normally insert into the space yarn over and pull up a loop and
now you have two loops on your hook but instead of yarning over and pulling through it the same color we're gonna change colors so get your contrast color and leave a bit of space just in case and then yarn over with the new color and pull through now you can see how this ditch itself is finished with that same old main color but the next stitch is going to start with the contrast color give these two strings at the end a little tug to tighten it up and you can go ahead and cut your main color right now again leave some space for the long tail but just go ahead and cut that
now we're gonna make the contrast color rib or this like extra line over here we're gonna make that and we're gonna do that by working along the side of this band that you made so now just there's no real spaces here as there are like with these stitches there's gonna work into the sides of each row you're gonna insert your hook yarn over and pull up a loop and pull through both loops just a normal single crochet except you're working to the side so continue all the way along you can also just leave these
here so that they get trapped between the two stitches and you don't see them or you can leave them out let's leave them out okay so again just enter your hook into the space yarn over and pull up a loop and pull through both if you have this dish pile up a bit you can just give it a little tug and I'll go back to normal size single crochet down the line this line of contrast color also adds a nice clean edge to the piece you can see how you have a nice like stitches along the edge of this top now whereas otherwise you would have just had youth
bumps for this part I'm not really counting how many stitches are just working into the side of each row when you get to the end we're gonna bind off but leave a long tail so to bind off it's gonna insert my hook into this first chain space and make a slipknot then yarn over again and pull through that one loop to chain one we're just gonna pull the rest now I've already cut a long length of this know it's gonna pull the rest of it out then we'll give it a little tug to tighten dude you're clean bind off here is the
first part after crochet come on a bootie the next part is we're gonna make the sole and then bring it all together okay to attach the sole of the bootie we're gonna need to work on to the other side over here I'm only gonna be working on the middle stitches this is 27 rows so we're going to attach it new yarn around row 11 so that there's 10 stitches on this side and 10 on this side and then our spooty so we'll start right in the middle so to do that let's get our yarn there's a contrast color yarn like a
slip dot and let's get the done our Huck we're actually let's take it off her hook for a second give us if not and let's find the eleventh row so you have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven this is where you want to touch the new yarn so insert your hook into the space and then into through your slip knot and pull the slip knot through then you can with the tail end of your yarn go and just chain one here so that's your first stitch we're going to count that as a single crochet and I'm
going to single crochet six more across the side here one two three four five six should have a total of seven stitches now including this first chain so one two three four five six seven okay and chain one and turn the walk around I'm gonna single crochet across all seven stitches again and just continue working in rows don't forget this last space there's really your first chain space sorry I only got one loop make sure to go under both loops chain one and turn see how that part of the booty is now just attached to the side that means you
won't have to sew it on later certain continue doing this just single crocheting along for 11 rows total so you have one two I'll continue going for nine more rows a little off-camera and then be back after you've worked 11 rows you'll have this block it's pretty square so we're going to need a couple of rows to shape the toe into something a little bit more rounded so at the end of the year eleventh row chain 1 and turn you're gonna decrease across the first two stitches so instead of working single crochet into the first stitch
insert your hook yarn over and pull up a loop then insert your hook into the next space yarn over and pull up another loop and I have three loops on your hook and yarn over we pull through all three loops just turn those two stitches into just one decreasing it you're going to work three single crochet across the next three spaces just as you normally would one two and three even decrease across the last two stitches guess it enter your hook pull up a loop then turn to the next space and pull up another loop yarn over and pull through all three loops now instead of seven
spaces you have five because you decrease these two now chain one we're going to work another decrease row decrease again the first two one and two you're at up that's one decrease now you're gonna chain one or single crochet one and decrease across the next two now you only have three touches left which is good see how the edges are rounded now it's less square you still have a flat tip so now we're gonna bind off and then actually sew everything together so you have a finished booty the chain one and then where are my scissors
and then just snip the end of your yarn leave a little bit of room I just spent the end of the yarn and pull it through to bind off okay you should have something like a t-shape you can ignore all these loose ends and stuff for now we're going to weave them in at the end later and this is a long and that I left after adding this contrast row in this well we're going to use to help so the whole thing together okay let's get started on that first let's see the front side and the back side of these you can tell the dips are the front because the side looks
neater and it just looks cleaner than the other side does you turn it around you'll see that you can see the back of these stitches a little bit too much so I want to hide that but the front side looks really nice and clean so you we're gonna do is we're gonna sew along this edge here to attach all the ends together and then in the end we're gonna cut the threads and turn it inside out and then it'll look like this so I've already threaded my yarn through my tapestry needle right here and we're gonna start at this corner right here
first just insert your needle and pull it through just anchor it in place there's gonna be a lot of extra yards and strings right now so just pull those aside and ignore them you're only gonna be focusing on this one right now you can actually trap these other yarns in if you want to kind of start hiding them a little bit but we're gonna weave the ends in later anyway so you don't really need to let's come in a little bit closer you can see what I'm doing insert your needle under one loop the top part that you're trying to attach the gray
and pull through and you're going to go into the blue you move it aside for now if you can't see what you're doing go under a loop and pull up then again just go under the gray you okay so I've shown someone along this front end of the toe and down the side to touch this side of the flap down to the sole now I don't want to cut the thread and have more loose ends to deal with so now I'm gonna go across these stitches in the back I'm just gonna take my needle I'm just go underneath them just to bring my yarn over to the other
side so I can sell the other side of the down without having to deal with cutting the yarn and then reattaching it somewhere else and having all those loose ends to deal with we have enough to insert your needle through them and then well it slowly you don't want to like cinch it in anyway you don't want it to be tighter than everybody originally is you just kind of want to bring the yarn over to the other side okay and because it's the same color of the soil you can't really even see the color difference now let's move all
these out of the way you have one side one side sewn down along these two sides and now you have this one I'm gonna fold this bop over here and then you can also sew this gray down to the sole here keep this out this is the actual cuff of it this part over here that we want to keep we want to keep that separate so you're just gonna fold so this gray side down to the bottom so I'm leaving this up go along the edge here and then across the middle you can sew it directly to the blue here or you can even just sew it onto the top of the gray it won't really
matter because the seam will be on the inside but I like to sew it onto the onto the blue just because the color matches already okay so go ahead and do that and I'll meet you back here to show you the finished product okay so sewed all the edges together and then I use my tapestry needle and also weaved in all of those loose ends and Tails that we had and then trimmed all the excess yarn so it would be nice and clean now this is still inside out I just want to show you that when you turn it inside right-side out you can see how on this edge it's a little bit not so
neat you could have stopped back on the stitches look and yeah let's flip it inside out I'd have to make sure to push all the corners out with your fingers and especially at the toe area and when you're done this is what you have I have a pair of a little matching come on a booties and have them either this way or this way or if you did it the other way around you they might even be going the same way but it'll go whichever way you sew the top edge on