you I am outside to prove that Spring has finally arrived and today I am thinking about little tiny feet this is the season of baby showers and all things young and full of renewal and I thought it was time we made something for the tiny members of the family again these baby socks are very simple to make don't use up very much yarn and they also transform into a cute little slippers so if you're looking for a nice simple baby bootie pattern then this is it and you don't have to stop here you can decorate them with little bows or little rosettes
you can make them plain and put little frilly things on them this is a great simple little bootie sock pattern and we are going to make that today so without further ado let's head on over to the crafts table and get stitching in order to make our little socks I am using my favorite 4.25 millimeter hook it's also known as a g6 or a I think it's a UK 7 but you can use the 4 or the 4.5 what you want to do is make sure you're using a hook that's the right size for the yarn you've chosen I have a yarn needle and a pair of scissors and today I'm
using this really cute stuff called gumdrop by red heart it's a size 4 but not all fours are made the same so remember that for example some other other red heart typical worsted weight is a lot fluffier or somehow thicker than this and that might be because it has an extra ply to it and if you see my video on how to look at ply you'll know what I'm talking about so just make sure that whatever you use it's got a nice soft feel to it this is a soft acrylic and that you're using the right size hook and you will end up with a pair of
baby booties or little socks here that are soft and comfortable so once you've got all that let's get into it in order to start our sock and this is what it looks like unraveled so it really does look like a little sock you can roll it down and make it a bootie but we're going to start right here at the toe and like all right things I like to do we're going to start with a cinch circle so you take your yarn and you make a loop and if you're uncomfortable with the cinch circle I do have a tutorial I'll post that down in
the description box below and you can take a look at that if you need the extra help so once you've got your cinch circle you're going to single crochet seven into the circle so I'm going to work over my little tail here and I'm going to single crochet seven single crochet stitches into my cinch circle once you've single crocheted seven stitches into your cinch circle take a hole that little string give it a nice tight tug and that cinches your circle shut now if you want you can put a safety pin or a stitch marker on the
first or the last stitch in this row because you're going to need to refer to it as a little reference point and if you can't always see that little bump that's created when you close your circle and start working into the next stitch you might want to pause and just put a little safety pin on either this stitch or the stitch to the front of it just so you can always see it and it doesn't interfere with the rest of your crochet but if you don't need that we're going to continue on we're going to work in the round so there's no joining of
rows into the next stitch so you can identify your next stitch you're going to work two single crochet and you're going to work two single crochet into each stitch all the way around so that Row one which is seven stitches will be 14 by the end of Row two so two single crochet into each stitch all the way around for a total of fourteen 13 and 14 now I've been working over top of my little tail you can do that too or you can just keep it to the back and weave it in later I just sort of like to do it all at once so there's Row 1 Row 1 with seven
stitches Row 2 is 14 because we put two single crochet into each stitch all the way around we are still expanding our circle so we are now going to work two single crochet into the next stitch one single crochet into the stitch after that and then two one two one two one all the way around and at the end of Row three you will have a total of 21 so two single crochet into the next stitch one single crochet into the following stitch two single crochet into the next stitch and one into the next stitch so you're going to repeat that pattern two one two one all
the way around and at the end of Row three you will have a total of 21 and 21 if you're not sure it's always a good idea to count when you finished your row so I would pull up on my loop take my hook out of the way so I can see what I'm doing and I'm going to start with the stitch right next to the one that I just finished off with and I'm going to count all the way around one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty-one City twenty-one is the
last stitch I finished this is the loop that sits on my hook so it doesn't count as anything now we're finished all of our increasing so we're just going to do some straight single crochet for several rows now bout 11 in total so we've done rows one two and three and rows four through 14 are just going to be single crochet now you want the length of your little sock to be about three inches so before you start turning the heel which we'll get to you want this peace here so from the end of your toe to about where you're going to finish
all of your straight single crochet you want that to be between three and three and a half inches I've chosen 14 rows in total so by the time I get to row 14 I'm about three inches just a little over three inches deep and that's it for this little pair of socks whatever length you wind up at let's say three inches for you is 15 rows or three inches for you is 13 rows or maybe you're making it for a slightly bigger baby foot and you want to make it a little bit longer whatever you do however many rows of straight single
crochet you end up with write it down make sure you grab a pen and a paper and just make note how many rows you did just so when you make your second sock it's exactly the same so for me I know that I need to have a total of 14 rows in the bottom part of my sock that's starting at the end of my toe and working all the way back so for the next 11 rows so rows 4 through 14 I'm just going to single crochet in every stitch all the way around and I'm going to create a tube and when I'm finished I will show you exactly what
that looks like okay I've just finished the last stitch in my fourteenth row so you're gonna have something that looks like well a tube I've highlighted that lat that first or last stitch of my first row by putting a little safety pin in it so that way I can see my start point or what I like to consider my start point and I know that if I follow that line all the way up here that's basically where I should put my last stitch and I did more or less so now that we've done the toe and the foot section of our little sock so basically
this part here we're going to put in the heel now you can change colors and put in a heel and a different color if you want but I just did it all one color because I like these all one color socks I just think this yarn is so cute so what we're going to do is we are going to single crochet once into each of the next two stitches so what you're doing is you're single crocheting two stitches past your start point and it doesn't have to be exact but it is you do want to go just past your start point right about a couple of
stitches now we're going to chain one turn our work and into the first stitch we're going to single crochet and you're going to single crochet across five so the first five stitches going back on the roll you just finished you're going to single crochet into those five stitches just those five and once you've done that always make sure you stop and count one two three four five five stitches chain one turn your work single crochet back across those five stitches four and five and now here's the cool thing you're going to identify the next stitch
so this one not the one you worked in to this one here but this one I'll just put my hook right through it so you can see it this is the next stitch next to the work that you've been doing you're going to single crochet into that stitch alright you're going to chain one and now since you've added a stitch you're going to single crochet back across those six stitches there's one two three four five and six and last one is sometimes a little tight so just be patient with yourself try not to split your yarn
there we go six now you're going to do the same thing on this side so you're going to identify the next unworked stitch next to this work you've been doing which happens to be this one and you're going to single crochet into that that makes seven across chain one turn single crochet back across those seven stitches oops and you're going to continue this little pattern of single crocheting back across the row that you worked getting to that last one and then identifying the next stitch so the next one that's unworked
work that stitch chain one turn and you're going to work back and the last row of this will be the tenth stitch that you add to your heel so every time you do a little row like this you're adding a stitch to your heel count by picking up the unworked stitch next to your heel section and once you've got ten stitches across you've finished your little heel section so this for me is nine chain one turn I like to count it loud one two three four five six seven eight and nine and I identify the next on work stitch next to my heel section and I work that stitch
this makes ten ten in a row so my entire heel section is ten stitches across you'll notice there's a little bit of a like a as they got the split here don't worry about that cuz that'll disappear and if you've gone back and forth the right number of times you're going to notice that you're back going in the right direction that's if you're right-handed if you're left-handed it'll be the other way but after you've added your tenth stitch to your heel count you're just going to
start to continue single crocheting all the way around your sock so you added your tenth stitch and you're just going to continue single crochet all the way around that open sock area so now what we're doing is we're sort of blending the heel section into the rest of the tube sock once you get all the way around to the other side of your sock and this is all single crochet there's no extra stitches or anything in here work that last on work stitch next to the heel section skip any of the funny-looking things in here and skip right up to that first stitch on the top
of your heel section work a nice somewhat tighter than normal single crochet if you can manage it and you'll see that there's barely a splice here there's barely any space or hole and if you do end up with one that's a little uncomfortable you can always just sort of run a couple stitches through it afterwards but if you make a nice tight couple of stitches here you won't even see it and now you can just continue single crochet all the way around this little opening so you've created your heel and now you can just keep going all
the way around the open part of your sock and you're going to create the upper part you're going to put in a total of ten rows on top of that sock so we've just completed the first row all the way around you want to have nine more so or as tall as you want to make it just make sure that you count when you finish your first sock and you do the same number of rows in your second sock so for me on top of this heel area that's an additional ten rows and that will be how tall I make my little baby sock so I'm just going to continue
single crocheting in every single stitch around you should have a stitch count of 21 because you have not taken away any stitches and you have not added any stitches by creating your heel section so you should still have 21 stitches and you can just keep single crocheting all the way around until your sock is as tall as you like and when we are finished making them as tall as we like I'll show you exactly where you should fasten off and how to leave everything in okay once you finished the number of rows in my case 10 that you want to make in order to make the
top of your sock long enough and remember you want to be able to fold it down in case you want that sort of sweet little bootie look so make sure that it's tall enough to do that once you've got that number of rows you want to make sure that you come around to the middle back of your sock so fold your sock down hmm grab your little heel and fold it down too and just sort of pick the middle of that space and you come around to the middle of that back of your sock and then just put your last stitch make it a slip stitch in the middle back of your
sock now if you're using yarn like me which is kind of slippery and a little on the sort of satiny side cut yourself a slightly longer tail than you normally would for fastening off pull that back through that working loop all the way and then give it a nice tug but you'll notice with some of the slippery or slippery or your slippery slippery up your the yarns it is livery you'll notice that sometimes the knots don't want to stay they kind of want to just sort of undo themselves so this is where we use a weaving back and forth method
to make sure that it doesn't unwind so I'm going to pick up a few of the stitches along the inside of the top of my baby sock with my yarn needle I'm going to thread up the tail and just going to pull it through those stitches now to make sure that I don't I don't want to tug it too tightly so I want to you know give it a little bit of a bit a stretch when I'm finished just so that I don't interrupt the shape of the sock I'm going to now look at where I came out so there's this the last stitch that
I came out on and you see this is a two-part stitch because it's the backside of a stitch so I'm going to skip the first part of this stitch I'm going to go over top of that pick up the other half of that stitch and then put my my my needle back through the few stitches that I came through and then I'm going to go back past them and pick up a few more I'm going to keep my tail there and pull it back through all of those stitches and try not to make it so that you end up pulling your stitches out of alignment so be gentle and by
going over top of that stitch oops and weaving them in and now we're going to do the same thing going the other way over top of one piece of that stitch and back the other way you're going to lock down your tail so that it will not easily unravel and these socks can be tossed in a gentle wash cycle in the washing machine and you don't have to worry about any unraveling so you want to go back and forth at least three times and if you've got any little tail left over after that make sure you don't you don't pull
anything out of alignment if you've got any little tail left over after that you can feel free to snip it off as close to those stitches as possible and if you use a safety pin make sure you take that out nice and neatly try not to upset your stitches and there you go a pair of absolutely adorable baby socks which because of their nice thick crocheted fabric you can roll down the top and you can have little baby booties instead you can also put a cute little bow here or a pretty little button or if you've got some little mini patches of like little
bumblebees or something they would look cute right here or maybe on the toe you know let your imagination run wild this is a nice basic baby sock pattern and oh my gosh what a cute little bit of yarn there you go everybody a cute simple pair of baby booties or socks or slippers whatever you want to call them you can dress them up real fancy or leave them nice and plain these make a super gift for anybody is expecting a new pair of feet in the family very soon thank you so much for watching everyone we will see you again really soon remember you can join us on facebook and
hang out with our community of equally cool crafters you can also follow me on Etsy and check out our website because we periodically put up free patterns there some of them go along with our tutorials and if you're still learning it's a great place to start thank you so much for tuning in we will see you again really soon bye

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