Hi! I'm Donna Wolfe from naztazia.com
Today I'll show you how to make these simple baby booties for zero to six
months. Other sizes are on naztazia.com To do this I'm using less than 50 yards
of Red Heart's Chic Sheep and a size F hook. To begin, chain 15. Skip the first
chain and single crochet in the next 14 chains. Chain 1 and turn your work. Single
crochet in each of the 14 stitches going under both loops. Continue doing this for
a total of 20 rows. On the last stitch of the twentieth row, begin the single
crochet with the green and finish it
with another color yarn such as white. Chain one and turn. Working in the back
loops only, make 8 single crochet stitches across. One two three four five
six seven and eight. Chain 1 and turn your work. Single crochet in the back
loops of those same eight stitches. At the end begin your single crochet
with the white yarn and then change over to the green yarn which you've been
carrying up the sides. Chain one and turn your work. Do 8 single crochet stitches. And do another row with the green yarn.
Make 22 total rows of alternating white and green yarn. Cut the yarn with a long
tail end and fasten off. Your work should
be about nine and a half inches this way,
and three and a half inches this way. Fold the large green in half like this.
And fold the stripes like this. Sew the striped section to the solid color
section. Now we're going to gather the striped
section. Use your yarn to weave in and out along the top edge of the front of
the shoes. You can go around a second time to get a more secure fit. Pull the
strand to tighten. Weave in all ends. Securely fold over the sides. With the
other strand of yarn weave in and out of the bottom edge. Do this twice to get a
strong fit. Pull tight. Make a few
stitches to knot it in place.
Now you can seam together the bottom section. And weave in all ends. If you
want a button as a decoration be sure to sew it on really tightly so the baby
can't pull it off. These zero to six slippers are about three and a half
inches. Check out naztazia.com for other sizes. Please subscribe to my
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