hi guys today we are back with another crochet tutorial today's tutorial is actually gonna be these guys these easiest baby booties you'll ever make these ones are so easy they work up in like maybe half an hour to make one bootie and that's like for a beginner if you know what you're doing it like half an hour no problem but this one is it's a little bit bigger so it's not quite newborn maybe six months three to six months obviously I don't have a child so I it's supposed to be three to six months but yeah we're gonna make that
today so to get started I'm gonna need some of our tools I'm going to be using a four millimeter aluminum crochet hook you're gonna need a pair of scissors and you're also gonna need a yarn needle so this is not the cutest little thing it's my favorite I will link by the way to this in the description my crochet holder it's from an instagramer it was a gift from a friend of mine from an instagramer who is a maker in Hamilton okay so this is all we're gonna need aside from some yarn I'm going to be
using this Burnett cratan Burnett crafters cotton in white and you are going to need for this tutorial you will need to use a four millimeter to get the same look as I have don't need those guys out so to get started you're gonna need a slipknot so for a slipknot you make a little you do it the way I always do it make a little loop like this cross your loop over and then you hold on to that tail reach in through the hole and pull nice and tight so I like to make sure that first one's very tight just because that is where our whole project
is beginning and for this tutorial we're only going to need to use single crochet so it's actually really simple we're going to start by chaining 29 so chain stitch remember is just wrap around pull through the loops oops that would be one so I'm just going to do that 28 more times 28 and 29 so you're gonna have 29 chains long and now we're just going to work single crochets for a single crochet remember you're going to skip that first chain you're gonna insert into that second chain wrap around pull through wrap
around pull through both insert into the chain wrap around pull through wrap around pull through insert wrap around pull through wrap around pull through so you're just going to make that whole first row in single crochet and when I get to the end I will jump back in just to remind you how to how to finish a single crochet row so I'm just gonna zoom across okay so now we are at the end of that first row just gonna complete our last single crochet round pull through and then when you're doing single crochet and you're at the end of
the row you have to chain stitch once and then turn your work over so we're just going to keep doing that actually for nine rows so that was the first row we have eight more rows to go and for this pattern the single crochet is actually one of the variations that I made a previous tutorial on so instead of just putting it into that top front loop like this you're gonna stick it right through so you have two loops on your hook wrap around pull through wrap around pull through that's just gonna make this a little bit of a denser baby bootie which is you know kind of great
so we're using if you pull your stitches apart like this you're sticking it right into that major hole so instead a normal single crochet would just be like this we're sticking right through both so you're gonna have two yarns on top of your hook wrap around pull through wrap around pull through if this is looking a little bit quick for you there is a playlist where I really slowly described the single crochet single crochet with variation double crochet triple crochet I even get into some of the more artsy stitches like the basket weave waffle stitch and the
Tunisian crochet stitch so if you're new to crochet definitely go check out that playlist that I have on my channel but if you're just here for the pattern then definitely just follow along so we're going to do eight more rows okay so here we are at the end of our second row there we go I'm just gonna finish that and then we do a chain one because we're at the end of the row and then you turn your work so from here we've done two rows so that means we have seven more rows left when you get to seven rows come back to the
video I'm just gonna zoom across finish up those seven rows and then I will show you how to transition into the next part of that pattern so finish your nine rows total and pause the video and come back when you're done your nine rows alright so now we are at the end of our ninth row just going to finish it off with my last two single crochets and then at this point we're actually gonna fasten off right here so for that I'm gonna just I'm just gonna clip it I'm leaving the tails pretty long just in case I need to use them for sewing anything
together or weaving tied it nice and tight there and that is our first part of that little bootie so this part is going to make up the little foot shape now we have to work on the top part of the bootie which works up kind of like the letter T so right now let me zoom out so you can see what I've got here so it's just a long bar now we're gonna build just in this middle part we're gonna build up so if you skipped the first seven stitches and you're going to have the last seven stitches skipped as well so we're gonna just count them out
I've got one two three four five six seven we're gonna work into the eighth one and for that I'm just gonna get my yarn and grab it with the hook that I've just put through there pull it through so with that loop that we just pulled through the hole I like to just grab that tail and pull it through there and then I pull both pieces and then I tie a knot so that way it's looped with a knot after i feel like it's a more secure snug attachment and then what I like to do pretty much right away is just weave that end in through my previous stitches
and that just skips skips me having to do it at the end of the project and then it's just kind of out of my way and then I'll just clip it short and now our yarn is attached on that eighth stitch if you stick your hook in you can pull a loop through until you've got a chain one and then I'll do an additional chain just because that first chain is just kind of securing it to the stitch and now just continue single crocheting for sixteen stitches total so that first chain that we did counts as a stitch so now we've got two
[Music] ok so now we've got our 16 stitches we'll do a chain one and then we'll turn the work around and just work again single crochets into all of those stitches all the way across just across to where your first chain was on this new row so we're just doing rows of 16 stitches instead of rows of 29 and or I guess 28 because we turned around so instead of rows of 28 29 we're going to be switching two rows of 16 and we're gonna do six rows so your first situation was 9 rows this second part is 6 rows so once I get to the end here
I'll show you again how to turn your work around so we're at the end of that 16 stitch add on bit we're gonna chain 1 and then turn the work so now I've done 2 rows I'm gonna do another 4 rows and once we're done those 4 rows come back so pause now finish your floor rows and then come back and I will show you how to bring this little bootie together super quickly okay so I've just finished the sixth row and now I'm just going to finish off by pulling that nice and tight and now that is the shape it's a little wonky just
because I'm not like haven't been keeping it straight as I go but now we're pretty much done with all of the crochet we're just going to be doing a little bit of weaving and a little bit of sewing to finish up this baby bootie so first thing I'm going to do is just weave that long tail in between some of these stitches just so that it is hidden there we go and then I will clip it so that's all you need for your crochet hook you can put that away and now you're gonna need your yarn needle I don't know if I mentioned this I
probably did it's gonna be irritating and editing but everything that I'm using will be linked in the video description so if you're unsure of where to find any of these things I have all of them linked so now next step is we're going to fold our little bootie in half and then we're gonna just hand sew it along all of these edges so I'm going to start just because I like how it hides the stitch I'm going to start just with this bottom area here this way I can also tie a nice not that again won't get
seen because it's at the back bottom of the shoe bootie so there's that this isn't really necessary to have it be a long tail you can weave that in but this is actually an inside-out version of what we're actually doing so now that we've got that I'm just going to start in the same corner zone that I just did our knot and I'm just gonna do a couple other stitches just to make sure that's nice and tight and then we're just gonna do a whip stitch which means a round and through like a very simple like
traditional sewing method nothing nothing too crazy we don't have to do any hard stitches or anything what I am doing I'm going through two pieces of yarn on one side and two pieces of yarn on the other side it's just gonna make your stitch secure if you're going through an entire stitch as opposed to just going through a top or bottom one once we're close to the corner right here instead of going sewing this way and then sewing that way what we're gonna do is we're gonna just sew right across this way we're still gonna keep
whip stitching around but we're gonna go on this diagonal and then at this top bootie part we're gonna do the same thing so it's just instead of getting all the way to the corner stitch we're gonna leave one stitch on sewn and instead we're gonna go diagonally there so not a huge angle just just enough to around out that booty and this is all on the inside of the little bootie sock so it's not actually gonna show so now is when we're going to go a little bit deeper in you can see right here so what we would have normally been going into
is this stitch but we're going in through the middle one here and I'm actually going to go through that one two times just because I want it to be super secure and then we're gonna go in right next to it and that'll get our corner nice and secure like this then next to it one more time lost my hook and now we are back on track into those edge stitches so now we're gonna just keep whip stitching up this little sock I am going into like actual stitch holes but you can actually just sew through it however you like it's not going to
really like make a huge difference on your bootie so we're just gonna make it almost up to that corner pulling through and then we're gonna skip the main stitches going one stitch deeper into your little sake and I'm going through that corner two times so that one of the little loops goes around this side of the corner and then the other loop goes around the other side of the corner to see what I mean here so there's one of those loops is going here the other one I'm gonna have it go right here and that'll just
make that corner look nice and I don't know finished and then we go back in the way we've been doing along two stitches or two pieces of yarn one stitch from each side sewing that little bad boy together go away you can't sit here sorry the cats trying this ai all right and now we are up to that corner and this is actually where we're stopping we're not going to so the whole booty together cuz that top part those last five rows that we did are actually going to be folded over I'm just trying to make it a little bit
extra secure like that and then with your last stitch just grab a little bit of yarn from anywhere in your last couple of stitches and draw your yarn through a loop draw it through one more loop and then tie it off so that's what I've done just there and then you can well I'm going to leave a little bit of a tail because I am gonna weave that in to a couple of stitches so to do that you can put it right into your yarn needle and then what I'm gonna just do is stab it through the tops of those stitches that we just did and that'll
just kind of keep that yarn out of the way so that nobody can see it then I'll cut it short okay then you're gonna turn your little bootie inside out or right side in whatever you're going to turn it and that will show now you've got these cute little rounded corners where it matters which is the bottom of your booty it makes it a little less square and the top of your booty makes it look a little bit like it's got a bit of a pointy toe but it's kind of cute so there we go and then you'll fold that top bit down and that's
actually the whole booty all we're going to do to make this a little bit more amazing is we're going to add a little bit of a tie so that it can be tightened around the ankle of the little baby so for that we're just going to create a chain so start just like you would with a new project we're gonna make a slip stitch a nice tight one and then what I actually like to do is do a one chain but then tighten that chain right down with that slip stitch so that you've got an extra tight knot for the beginning of your project and then you can just snip
that as close as you can to the knot pull it nice and tight and then just chain 51 to 49 and 50 and then what we're gonna do let's just pull that nice and tight right through that initial loop so you'll leave a little bit of a tail so that you can fit it through your yarn needle like this and then right where your two pieces joint so this this stitch right here you can see that's where your bootie begins you're gonna start poking in and just through each stitch go up and down up and down up and down all the way around
and then just pull that chain through that those little eyes eye holes eyelets whatever you want to call them they're actually just the spaces between your stitch but it works just the same and then just go all the way around following on that exact row until you are back at the beginning there we go almost done and then once you make it back down and then we'll have one more coming up you'll and because of the number of stitches you'll end right on the front and that's actually the whole shebang for the little sleepy not sleepy the little
strapped what is that call the little laces so then you could tie that to a little bow and that's it your baby booties are done they are the easiest little baby booties I've ever made and I think that they are so cute cuz they've got that little little top on them making them extra sweet there we go you got a little pair of baby booties for the baby in your life for the baby who's coming or whatever you want to call it a little pair of baby booties so there they are let me just zoom you out so I can put them both together please
let me know what you think in the comments below let me know if you want to see something else if you like baby stuff or if you're looking for more Bridal or if you just want daily clothing items but these are the easiest baby booties you will ever make and they're super cute and they'll last because they're like homemade crochet which is the best kind so yeah that's it for today I hope you liked it let me know in the comments give me a like if you liked it and subscribe for new videos every Tuesday and Thursday thank
you so much for watching and we'll see you in the next one bye you