hello everyone in this video tutorial I want to show you how to make this very easy crochet baby twist you can go to crafty to come to get the written pattern for both sizes newborn in 6 to 12 month we're going to need another letter in crochet hook or three point five millimeters we're going to also use just a little bit of yarn in the DK weight is also known as light weight or a baby yarn so we'll start with a slipknot – so wrap your yarn around your finger twice then skip it once and keep it twice and there you have let's not
get your hook net and light over in we're going to start with our foundation chain for the newborn side that's why I'm going to show you this video we need to create 29 change pitches for the six months 12 month old you need to create 36 chain stitches remember that you can find the written instructions and practical calm so just keep going until you get the number for the sites you want to make and then on the second chain from hook that means you will skip one chain and then second one we're going to do a single crochet now we need to do a
single crochet all the way to the end one single crochet in each chain stitch for the newborn size we will end with 28 and we'll crochet and for the six to 12-month side we'll have thirty five single crochet stitches [Music] so now that our answer the very left fish for growth to the contain want to turn or ward it will just basically just going to repeat the last row we're going to get single crochet in each stitch all the way to the end for the newborn size we're going to repeat this row until we gained nine rows of single crochet for
the six to 12-month eyes we're going to do it until row number 11 so here we're going to have a rectangle I finish my ninth row because I'm making a new website and I'm cutting my yarn I'm going to secure it because I don't want this to unravel we're going to turn my work this is not necessary but it's just going to keep the consistency of pattern I'm going to keep six stitches so that means on this speech number seven I'm going to search my hooks and keep 14 this is for the new one time for
the six twelve both sides you are going to get eight stitches grab your yarn again in attach it to your work you will need to create a team want to start and then for this sides on a new insight you need to create 16 stable crochet go button the same stitch because that is change McGinnis I like that 16 single crochet for the six to 12-month sides you will have to do it 19:19 single crochet look at how I am wrapping my stitches around my end of that way I can start wave meeting at I forks and I don't have to do it later I will still have other answer it in but
at least this one will be taken care of so just keep working yam until you or 16:04 substitute for the new one five and nineteen single success stitches for the six and twelve o'clock side this believes the same amount of Sicily's keep at the beginning on the work our work will be symmetrical now to continual to chain one and turn on work one single crochet chain two skip two stitches and on the third one and one single crochet we're going to repeat this again chain two skip two stitches one single pushing to stitches one single crochet all the way till n and of
course the last stitch will be a single crochet so we can close it now chain one again turn or work in one single crochet in each stitch each pain is one stitch in the opening we are going to do two single crochet so just keep doing once and local she'll go in till the end and we're going to repeat this row and two more times for the newborn babe person in three times for the six to 12 marks pushing that means that for the newborns will have a total of 15 vote all the way from the beginning and for the 12 six months version we're going to
have 16 rows and that comes to the fair first one and also the one that we have to keep the chest once you get to the end just passin off your yarn again secure it because you don't want to unravel and we're going to sew it together go to join the M has to be exactly in the middle remember it's symmetrical so it can be part right we're in the middle and we are going to go along the edges from here all the way around and you can solve this or you can also just create a row of slip stitches I'm going to use my crochet hook just because it is easier
you can attach my yarn do a chain stitch is to secure it in place and just like I did before I will work around my end to start weaving it in and instead of throwing it I will do a row slip stitches to keep this together always wrapping around my in so I can move it in together just go all the way around doing the stitches going to plus four words have you probably already know how to do it with stitches and I just want to show you that you have to go all the way around almost so putting them together once you get to the end again we're going to cut our yarn to
cure it I want unravel and we have to start waving in all the ends that we were not able to live in while we were working so you can use a yarn needle for this but since I already have my talk I find it just easier to do it with it whatever what works best for you make sure to win it all you're in once you are down a weaving in order em you can cut off all these music little pieces that you make here is almost sound now we have to turn it inside out and you'll have to push this team just a little bit so they're not too Square and sharp excuse it a little bit of about
this and now we need to create like a pie for it that will go to the island for that we're just going to do two essentially and for the new one size you need to make 50 change pitches while the six to twelve all sides you need to make 16 stitches again once you're done cut it and secure it and just to be safe I'm going to create a knot right in the end of my tuna fish and I will do it on the hole size just to keep consistency just a little precaution you don't need to do it if you don't want to but it's so easy
and then we're going to cockfighting me in repeating the other side really quick cut it again and once we tested down just like if there were sneakers or people that work going to use the alternate or string and it indicating so we can create a knot or a bowl again focus there you go I really hope you liked this video and if you do don't forget to subscribe also remember that you can find it which instructions cost and everything else at crafty tips calm

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