Authentic Lace Curtain 36 Different Models From Each Other
are you thinking of getting some lace curtains for your home decorating in this video I’m going to show you how to use lace curtains for your home decorating stay tuned [Music] hi I’m Jill wedeck interior designer and artist if you’re new to the channel consider subscribing for interior design ideas and home decor inspiration so that you can create the home of your dreams and a home that you really love at anytime during this video check out the description box for links to items and resources that I may mention in this video lace curtains are so much fun and I’m going to show you how to decorate with lace curtains so why use lace curtains you know they provide some privacy but let a lot of light in and many of our spaces these days just don’t have enough light and so with the lace curtains you get some of that privacy or at least the illusion of some privacy but you also get the light in they bring a lot of softness into your space as well lace has that intricate pattern patterns in it that provides this feeling of softness and elegance there’s texture and interest without being over-the-top so a lot of times curtains will be just a bit much for a space because they’re they’re too over-the-top they’re too much color too graphic too bold you know but with lace you have texture and interest without it being too much and they look great from the outside of your windows so often we forget okay what do people see or what do we see from the outside of our houses with lace it always looks great when you have those lace curtains closed here’s some lace panels that are just beautiful panels are long pieces of fabric that go on either side of the window and they go all the way to the floor from either the top of the windowsill or the top of the space where the ceiling is they generally come in standard lengths and they work pretty much on any window some of my favorite panels for lace are Lorraine home fashions you can see this one is just very pretty it has some detail on the edges it’s got a lot of detail in the lace but it’s a nice white really pretty [Music] the other thing about lace curtains is they have this free-flowing elegance they look great in most spaces you can even put them in more modern style rooms if you do something like this ruffle style on the right so more clean modern spaces also work well with lace although typically lace is used in more traditional rooms for a more traditional feel a favorite ruffle style curtain of mine is by G de moda from Amazon you can see that’s just beautiful adds a lot of texture to a space a lot of elegance but it’s not over-the-top at all another way to use lace curtains is to tie them so you can see the image on the left is tied right in the center so it goes right over the window itself with just a pretty satin ribbon tying it closed this is a nice way to keep curtains throughout the year if you just want that added elegance another ways to tie them on the sides and you can see this is a hook that is drilled into the wall and the lace just goes over the hook really really pretty I like that silver accent there too a great tie that you can use that the lace tie is z HH at Amazon it’s got that beautiful you know crocheted material in the cream it would look really nice with korean curtains it would also work well with white unique edging on a curtain really adds a nice interest and so here you can see there is lace at the bottom of the curtain that just adds that pretty touch of crocheted elegance this is another favorite curtain of mine it’s from linen zone it’s Melissa you can get it on Amazon one of the things I love about this one is that it’s got the grommets at the top which is very easy to put on your rods and it also has more of a bit of a modern feel to it the lace is not real intricate it’s a larger scale pattern which looks really nice in modern spaces as well as traditional spaces now another way to use lace curtains is with a lace shade or a lace balance in these situations you bring in just a touch of lace you know it’s not as much lace as a panel would be but it still gives that elegant touch some of my favorites here are hopewell lace curtain with Amazon this is a very pretty curtain it’s got a bit of a ruffle at the top and then it has these gathers at the bottom the scale is really nice not too tight and intricate but there’s even some circles and stars and flower patterns in the lace which is really pretty now you could use this in a kitchen let’s say it’s a table area that has the bay window these would be great for bay windows they work really well in kitchens for a little lace at the top of the window really nice for bedrooms another one of my favorites is Lorraine home fashions with Amazon this is a nice little touch of lace not too much the panel’s perhaps aren’t great in some spaces but if you just want a little touch of lace on the window something that will provide some privacy and some elegance this is a great way to go and when you’re looking at a home from the outside look how pretty lace is from the outside it’s just pretty it gives a little touch of style and elegance it shows that the people inside care about their home you can also layer lace so you can do treatments where lace is on the inner panel of a window and there’s other curtain on the outside this is a really nice option for a layered look here you can see there is a lace curtain on the outside but it goes together with another panel on the inside that’s a solid white so this gives a really pretty textured look a layered look this would provide more privacy because you have the white fabric behind the lace but it also gives the elegance of the lace I really like this option as well because if you had a very long window you could layer the white curtains on the outside with the lace on the inside if you had two panels at the top or two curtain rods at the top so this gives a lot of flexibility in your choice of the lace and the other curtain so there you go you’ve been given lots of design ideas using lace curtains in your rooms don’t be afraid to try lace curtains they’re so much fun to use they filter the light beautifully they create an elegance and a romantic look that you really can’t find in any other way you really can create the home of your dreams when you just go for it if you liked this video make sure and subscribe to my channel and if you want to learn how to style your home like a pro then grab my free ebook in the description box below it’s called decorating secrets how to style your home like a pro if you’d like to get customized edesign services I provide interior design virtually through technology like Skype video and email and this saves you time money and stress because you have me as your creative designer we create the room of your dreams together and it’s so much fun and it’s such a great value love it you can find those edesign services at home stylus comm thanks for watching

Lace curtain we’ll have the Authentic models from each other. You ladies are full of these models according to taste. Lace curtains to add elegance to our home continues and it will continue. We also diversify our house even more different and more new models by searching for we’re trying. Depending on what you want exactly, with examples of this lace we are with you. Come on, ladies, now let’s examine instances this lace curtain. What is it about?

This authentic lace look with your home curtain models

Lace curtain, half curtain in the kitchen window that you see in the image especially preferred model. This lace curtain model and pattern that really works great. You need to certainly try. Because that will add character to your home and you will love.

You see one of the most popular models lace curtain, ladies. Curtain lace ribbon models, this happens a lot. The details in the desired colors, you can add a ribbon in the color of your choice.

Tulle lace in blinds not only ladies are preferred. Dec lace laces common with this curtain looks really nice. Certainly this model with the lace blinds those who want to add authentic air to Your they meet.

Ladies lace curtain lace curtain in the form of completely or you can add lace to the bottom of your you can use. Lace curtain with pretty leaf pattern, the curtain we see in the image the model is a good match.

Ladies, this lace curtain home and it’ll look great you should try it on your model. As you can see in the image above, for example, the type of construction is also given. This lace model your room, your living room, your kids room, your kitchen, in short, will suit any room in your home.

Or rare you may have never seen this model before may have seen. Those who don’t like to do what everyone else is doing lace is perfect for ladies who want a different model.

The most popular and the most indispensable of the houses lace curtain Models